Rage & Revenge: Torture & Atrocities in War & Peace


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Tom Goodrich’s Rage & Revenge is a terrifying, up-close and personal look at what war and its aftermath are really like.

For too long, the true nature of combat and the “peace” that follows has been concealed from the general public. Most who have never witnessed war naively assume that there are rules and laws governing such contests. As the reader of Rage & Revenge will quickly discover, nothing could be further from the truth. The fact is, all war is wild, chaotic, brutal and primitive. War is also the refuge where some of the most sick and sadistic among us may live out their darkest fantasies.

In a fast-paced, no-nonsense writing style, Goodrich offers the reader a riveting glimpse at the true face of war in all its ugly reality … and in all its ugly fascination. Thomas Goodrich’s latest book, Rage & Revenge, speaks in lurid detail about how men, filled with rage from battle and perhaps intoxicated by toxic propaganda, turn into some of the most vile, sadistic creatures in the aftermath of the heat of battle. Covering such wars as the Indian Wars during the conquest of the American West, and the island hopping of the American military against the Japanese, Thomas Goodrich weaves a torrid tale of some of the most unspeakable bestial crimes committed during the aftermath of battle.

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