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A True History of His Guerrilla Warfare on the Missouri and Kansas Border During the Civil War of 1861 to 1865

By John P. Burch as told by Capt. Harrison Trow Ride along with Southern raider Capt. William Clarke Quantrill [Charles W. Quantrell, according to the author] on his many daring and deadly adventures battling local militias, Red Legs, Union troops and Jayhawkers. Quantrill and his command operated along the Missouri- Kansas border throughout the early 1860s, and part of his infamy includes the 1863 raid and sacking of Lawrence, Kansas. Near the end of the war, Quantrill ended up in Kentucky where he was killed in a Union ambush in 1865. He was just shy of 28 years old. The first edition of this book was self-published by the author, Capt. Harrison Trow, in Vega, Texas in 1923. The book comprises Capt. Trow’s numerous, vivid and colorful recollections—given by Trow when he was an elderly man—of his days riding with Quantrill. The author is clearly sympathetic to his commander, but the publisher, in his foreword, does not share the same rosy opinion of Quantrill as does Capt. Trow, pointing out some inconsistencies in the recollections of Trow and generally taking a dimmer view of Quantrill. Over the decades, this firsthand account has been rou- tinely cited in numerous modern books pertaining to Quantrill. The book provides a rare glimpse inside the wartime operations of Quantrill and offers a Southern sympathizer’s view of the guerrilla war in Missouri and Kansas. Softcover, 266 pages, illustrated, #884.

Chapters include: • The False Jonah • The Early Life of Quantrill • Why the Guerrillas Were Organized • Fight at Charles Younger’s Farm • Jayhawkers Murder Blythe’s Son • The Low House Fight • Quantrill & Todd Go After Ammo • The Capture of Independence • Lone Jack Fight • The March South in 1862 • Younger Remains in Missouri • The Trip North in 1863 • Jesse James Joins the Command • The Lawrence Massacre • Order Number 11, August 1863 • Fights and Skirmishes—1863-1864 • Blue Springs Fight 1863 • Wellington • The Grinter Fight • The Centralia Massacre • Bloody Bill Anderson • Press Webb: A Born Scout • Little Blue • Arrock Fighting—Spring 1864 • Death of Todd and Anderson • Going South—Fall 1864 • The Surrender • The Death of Quantrill • Youngers and Jameses After the War