Protocols of the Elders of Zion: The Definitive Edition



No study of the Jewish Question is complete without a detailed look at the document known as The Protocols of the Elders of Zion. As mysterious as it is notorious, it has been called the most influential piece of anti-Semitic literature in history. Here we find an express desire for world domination, along with a plan to attain it. In the Protocols’ world-to-come, there will be a Jewish patriarch, a king of the world, who will guide all humanity on behalf of Jewish interests. Serving at his behest will be the detested Goyim, who will gratefully submit to their “Zionist” ruler. Written in the form of lecture notes or meeting minutes, this document purports to be a transcription of a talk by an unnamed influential Jew, speaking sometime around the year 1900. It first appeared in draft form in Russia in 1902, and then, in its final version, as part of a book by Sergei Nilus. But little beyond this is certain. It was denounced as a “forgery” in 1922—but is it? And what does that mean in this context? The Protocols are as compelling and troubling today as ever. This new, English translation far surpasses anything on the subject. The volume includes commentary from Ford, Rosenberg, Evola and others. Read and judge for yourself. Softcover, 278 pages, #997.