Plague Of Corruption: Restoring Faith in the Promise of Science




Dr. Judy Mikovits has shaken up the old boys’ club of science with her discoveries. And she has uncovered decades-old secrets that many would prefer to stay buried—including ones about the infamous Dr. Anthony Fauci. Dr. Mikovits has always been on the leading edge of science—and paid a heavy price for bucking their medical-pharmaceutical-vaccine rackets. When her investigations questioned whether the use of animal tissue in medical research was unleashing devastating plagues of chronic diseases, she was silenced. This is a behind-the-scenes look at the issues and egos which will determine the future health of humanity. Can we trust the medical professionals about Covid-19? Do they really care about us or do they care more about protecting their reputations and profit streams? Dr. Mikovits will have you thinking twice about these health “experts” and whether or not we can trust them ever again! Hardback, 272 pages, #867.