Ousting the Carpetbaggers from South Carolina



By Henry Tazewell Thompson (1926)

South Carolina had been stigmatized as “the nest wherein was hatched the snake of Secession,” and it was the purpose of Reconstruction to mete out retribution upon her people and to ensure victory for the radical portion of the Republican Party. Thus, at the point of the bayonet, a condition developed without parallel in history—the best and noblest citizens of the state were subjugated to a position of inferiority to their former slaves. This book is a history of the political revolution of 1876 in which South Carolinians, led by Gen. Wade Hampton and his Redshirts, united to throw off the oppressive yoke of “Carpetbagger” government and halt unquenchable Black revenge. Reprint. Softcover, 182 pages, #990.