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By Mike Walsh

The standard of living and quality of life in Hitler’s Third Reich was far superior to elsewhere in the developed world. Ordinary German workers enjoyed a lifestyle previously reserved for the upper classes of the West. Hitler’s Germany led the world in fashion, medicine, cinema, lifestyle, manufacturing, transport infrastructure, public facilities, cutting-edge science, healthcare and education. For good reason, the Germans were the cheeriest people on earth. The claim that this was achieved through investment in militarism is absurd. Despite being war economies, the debt-ridden U.S. and European Union suffer the collapse of their infrastructure whilst their indebted populations live a hand-to-mouth existence. Prosperity in the Reich set an example that damns the hideous failures of the mutually supportive capitalist and communist systems. A taboo topic for media and palace publishers, Life in the Reich by Mike Walsh was removed by Amazon because it dared to show Hitler’s Germany as it was and not as the propagandists would have us believe it was. Mainstream media and court publishers consider this a taboo topic because they don’t want you to know in case you draw the right conclusions.

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