Legends of the Shawangunk


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By Philip H. Smith (1887)

The Shawangunk Mountains (also known as Shawangunk Ridge) in New York State form part of the easternmost section of the Appalachian Mountains. In New Jersey, they are known as the Kittatinny Mountains. In Pennsylvania, the mountain chain becomes the Blue Mountains. Historical events across this region formed an integral part of the history of colonial America.  Legends of the Shawangunk by Philip H. Smith is one of the all-time classic narratives of the thrilling stories related to the Shawangunk territory. A great compendium of information on the Hudson and Delaware River Valley Indians and early European settlers, it details the tremendous hardships of frontier life which can scarcely be imagined by Americans today. This edition is not scanned from an old copy but completely re-set in crystal-clear type. It contains all original footnotes and illustrations, including eight that filled a whole page and were not reproduced in various editions by other publishers.

The book contains 46 chapters and a short bibliography. With this book, you can immerse yourself in the true tales that recount the heroic deeds of our colonial ancestors. These are accounts that could never be included in any modern-day, politically correct history book. Thus, you will find Smith’s unvarnished depictions of the indigenous people and the pioneers of the era quite refreshing. Chapters cover the Delaware (Lenape) Indians, the First and Second Esopus wars detailing the conflict between Dutch settlers and the local Indians, the trouble between the British and the Nederlander settlers, armed border battles between the colonists of New Jersey and the people of the Shawangunk region, the finding of mastodon bones, Catherine DuBois—the heroine of Wildwyck, the brutal Battle of Minisink, the massacre at Fantinekill, friction between Tories and American patriots, the Tories after the Revolution, the midnight journey of Miss Land, little-known adventures of “Indian Slayer” Tom Quick, Kortright’s expedition, the early pioneers of the Shawangunk region, relations with the Indian tribes, hunting bear and panther in the region, and much, much more. ——— Softcover, 229 pages, #1018