Judaism & Zionism: A Whirlwind Tour



This booklet by Peter Christian takes us on a tour of the religion of Judaism, which is more diverse than many believe. Some sects are quite racist. Others support the slaughter of the Palestinian people. Still others are critical of those very tenets. The booklet also discusses the founding of Zionism, the state of Israel, Jewish atrocities and secret societies that the author believes were inspired and created by Jewish thinkers. The author says, “I have read more than 1,000 books on Judaism and related subjects and cite hundreds of quotes, the vast majority of which are from Jewish sources.” Sections include information on: the Jewish calendar, holy days, scriptures, gods and goddesses, sects, history, messiahs, famous figures of Jewish history, Jewish organizations, the Jewish Mafia, central banking, expulsions, the Illuminati, Freemasonry, advisors to U.S. presidents, anti-Semitism, Zionism, the New World Order, the “Holocaust,” atrocities, Israel, Noahide Laws, Vatican II, the Rosenthal Interview, reforms, reference works and a photo section. Softcover, 59 pages, #866