Jews Must Live plus Now and Forever


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Two unabridged books in one by Samuel Roth. Samuel Roth (1893-1974) was a decades-long publisher of pornographic materials and a plaintiff in Roth v. United States (1957), a key Supreme Court ruling on freedom of sexual expression. The minority opinion of that case, regarding redeeming social value as a criterion in obscenity prosecutions, became a template for the liberalizing First Amendment decisions in the 1960s. He was sued by James Joyce, tangled with T.S. Eliot and Ezra Pound, and was involved in the Alger Hiss embroglio. Two books by Samuel Roth are presented here. Jews Must Live includes the full text and all illustrations from the original. This is in contrast to a previous 1964 edition that had only half the book. Roth’s narrative forms a candid exposé of Jewish hostility toward the Gentile world. His testimony has now been given new life in this book. Also includes Roth’s Now and Forever: In this strange little book—also presented in full text—Roth discusses the state of Jewry with Israel Zangwill. Zangwill was a playwright who coined the phrase “melting pot.” Also included are three related essays—one by Martin Glynn and two by Marcus Eli Ravage.

COMMENT: The author points out that Roth does not believe in Jewish Ritual Murder

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