Jewish Ritual Murder: An Investigation


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Wild claims about the sacrifice of Christian children have been made against the Jews for centuries. Many consider these accusations to be anti-Semitism at its very worst, though many cultures sacrificed children in antiquity, including the Carthaginians. In this book by Dr. Hellmut Schramm, first published in 1943 in National Socialist Germany, the author weighs the evidence for and against this practice to determine whether such sacrifices were taking place in modern times.

He analyzes the many cases of bodies found of small children who appeared to show evidence of ritual blood-letting. He also examines the practice of the sale of blood at certain times of the year to Jews for religious purposes and whether this practice was in some way misconstrued. Contains chapters on ritual murder before 1840, famous cases from Damascus, Corfu, Xanten, Polna, Konitz, and Kiev and extensive appendices reproducing testimonies given at nine famous court cases involving alleged ritual murder. New revised edition. Softcover, 477 pages, #810