Jewish Fanaticism




By Hervé Ryssen, Translated by Carlos Whitlock Porter.

Judaism, as this book demonstrates, is essentially a universalistic political project with the objective of world unification, the prelude to global pacification. It is a long-term project, but the Jews are absolutely convinced that they can succeed in its realization, steeped as they are in this “mission,” assigned to them by God. The aim is not simply to convert the world to Judaism, but rather to incite the other peoples to abandon their racial, national and religious identities so as to favor the spirit of “tolerance” between men.

The Jews thus feel compelled to engage in perpetual agitation intended to convince the world to adopt their project. They are a people of propagandists. It is not by chance that they are so influential in the mass media of all democratic societies. The incessant guilt-tripping campaigns directed at Europeans of all stripes and for all crimes, whether real or imagined, relating to slavery, colonialism, pillaging the Third World or Auschwitz, have no other aim, when all is said and done, than to eradicate all sense of collective identity.

When the Jews are the only people on Earth who have retained their faith and traditions, they will at last be recognized by all as “God’s Chosen People.” Israel’s Messiah, whose coming has been awaited every day for 2,000 years, will then re-establish David’s kingdom and give the Jews a stranglehold over the universe. This book discusses their goals, methods, projects—and also their perversions. It is uncensored throughout. Thus, we warn sensitive readers that some of the material contained within is shocking and written for a mature audience.

Softcover, 449 pages, #873.