Jesse James & the Lost Templar Treasure



Secret Diaries, Coded Maps & the Knights of the Golden Circle

Here is an amazing investigation into the lost treasures of Jesse James and the Knights of the Golden Circle and their connections to the Templars, Rosicrucians and the Founding Fathers.

• Explains how Jesse James used techniques involving sacred geometry, gematria and esoteric symbols to hide his treasures and encode maps.

• Provides instructions for using the encoding template employed by Jesse and the Freemasons to hide and recover treasure and sacred relics.

• Shows how the encoding template confirms the existence of treasures on Oak Island and Victorio Peak and can be traced to a 16th-century book containing a secret map of the New World and the “Hooked X” of the Knights Templar.

Jesse left behind secret diaries and coded treasure maps. Working to decrypt these maps, Daniel J. Duke—the great-great-grandson of Jesse James—reveals hidden treasures yet to be recovered as well as connections between the infamous train robber and Freemasonry, the Knights Templar, the Founding Fathers and even some ancient mysticism.

The author explains how Jesse faked his death and lived out his final years under the name James L. Courtney. He uncovers Jesse’s affiliation with the Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC), a secret society that buried Confederate gold across the United States, and shows how the hidden treasures coded into Jesse’s maps were not affiliated with the KGC but with the Freemasons, the Knights Templar and the treasure of the Temple Mount. Using sacred geometry, gematria and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life symbol, the author explains the encoded map technique used by at least one secret society to hide and later recover treasures, an esoteric template known as the “Veil.” He shows how the Veil template confirms the locations of Jesse’s recovered treasures in Texas as well as other suspected treasure locations, such as the Oak Island Money Pit and Victorio Peak in New Mexico.

Tracing knowledge of the Veil template back through the centuries, the author reveals the Veil hidden on the cover of a 16th-century book that contains a secret map of the New World and the “Hooked X” symbol of the Knights Templar. He shows how the template was used not only to hide treasures but also sacred knowledge and relics, such as within the Bruton Vault, which originally contained secrets tied to Francis Bacon, the Rosicrucians and the founding of the United States. Applying the Veil template alongside the esoteric secrets of Poussin’s famous painting Et in Arcadia ego and Cassini’s Celestial Globe, Duke shows how the template reveals other Templar and Freemason treasure sites scattered throughout America and around the world.

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“Daniel J. Duke has successfully cracked open part of the mystery surrounding Templar treasure from Jerusalem that had been moved to the Americas to help establish a free nation. Jesse James and the Lost Templar Treasure goes beyond just theorizing that treasure was moved to the Americas and in fact demonstrates the connections and methods utilized to hide certain treasures. There have always been those who have sought to shape history to ensure that freedoms and artifacts could be preserved in the Americas. Daniel J. Duke’s book is on the cutting edge of revealing some of what has remained hidden. Anybody who is interested in the Templar legacy and their connection with the Americas will find true gems in this book!” Timothy W. Hogan, Templar Grand Master, author, and lecturer

“Having inadvertently fallen down one of the many hidden wells of esoteric knowledge dotted across the North American landscape, author Daniel J. Duke–the great-great-grandson of the outlaw Jesse James–weaves a wonderful tale of Southern intrigue and mysterious treasure. His familial connection enables him to explore the ancient mysteries within the Tree of Life and Veil templates and their connections over time to the Freemasons, the Knights Templar, the Knights of the Golden Circle, Francis Bacon and the Rosicrucians, and Sovereign Grand Commander Albert Pike. Where he travels next on his personal journey of discovery will be the key.” William F. Mann, author of The Knights Templar in the New World, and The Templar Meridians, officer of the Knights Templar of Canada’s Grand Executive Committee, a member of its Grand Council, and the Sovereign Great Priory’s Grand Archivist

“Duke fulfilled this objective all the way to 5-stars. If you love history, mysteries, treasure hunting and of course Jesse James, do not hesitate to give your full attention to Jesse James and the Lost Templar Treasure.” Kris Helt, Whiskey & Wit Book Review

“Jesse James and the Lost Templar Treasure is an interesting read full of facts about history. The reader will learn more concerning Jesse James and the groups to which he belonged. It is evident that Duke put a lot of time and research into this book. I recommend this book for the history buff and for those with a love for treasure stories and conspiracy theories.” Rachel Dehning, Seattle Book Review

About the Author

Daniel Duke, the great-great-grandson of Jesse James, grew up surrounded by stories of lost outlaw treasures. For more than two decades he has researched the mysteries involving his family, Freemasonry, and the Knights Templar. He lives in Texas.

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