Israel’ s Billions: Jewish Swindlers and International Financiers


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Jews have been expelled from every country they have ever lived in, at all periods of history, even when they were not massacred. They have been booted out by the Egyptians, the Babylonians, the Greeks, Romans, Christians and Muslims; always and everywhere. Every time, the principal reason invoked was usury, that is, lending at abusive interest rates, ruining peasants and tradesmen while disproportionately enriching the Jewish communities in all the cities. The receiving of stolen goods is another accusation frequently mentioned in the texts, as well as their manifest hatred of the church and the goyim in general. All over Europe, they engaged in smuggling, debasing the coinage, washing ducats in acid, using yellow arsenic to give brass the color of gold, to swindle and deceive the Christians in a thousand ways.

Very little has changed in this regard, except that these swindles have acquired a scope unprecedented in history since the turn of the 20th century. In Israel’s Billions: Jewish Swindlers and International Financiers, author Hervé Ryssen details just how Jewish bankers, businessmen and powerbrokers are stealing the wealth of the people of the world. Included are chapters on the biggest financial rip-offs in history, the VAT frauds, the CO2 swindle, advertising and insert frauds, fake bank transfers, the Talmud, pyramid rackets, Bernie Madoff’s flimflams, insider trading swindles, today’s super-predators, the Cosmopolitan Project—and even more. All together, this book comprises the most complete and precise source for exactly how the Jewish community—from its earliest incarnations—has worked to fleece the goyim amongst whom they dwell. Softcover, 279 pages, #833