Hitler Speaks on the Jews


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Hitler Speaks on the Jews: Selected Speeches and Writings of Adolf Hitler, 1919–1945. Compiled and translated by Frank Diepp. What did Hitler really say about the Jews? In his own words? Adolf Hitler has become one of the world’s most recognized anti-Semites in history. Barely a day goes by without his name being mentioned in the controlled media, more than sixty years after his death. Books continue to be produced about Hitler and the Third Reich—by the thousand—year after year, and as the heap of works mount up, hysterical exaggeration and distortions have become the norm.

This is particularly so with the issue of Jews and anti-Semitism. The controlled media continues to insist on the most ludicrous, far-fetched reasons for Hitlerian anti-Semitism—from allegations of Jewish ancestry, the medical treatment accorded his mother, to irrational fears or other psychological babble.

This book cuts through the lies and propaganda about National Socialist anti-Semitism by going directly to the source: Adolf Hitler himself.

To achieve this task, the compiler combed through hundreds of Hitler’s speeches and his major writing, dating from 1919 to April 1945. The end result of this labor is the production, without commentary, in in Hitler’s own words, why he was an anti-Semite.

Apart from the expected topics—the press, finance, and politics, all of which Hitler argued were under Jewish control—the subjects addressed include deeper issues which explain the Jewish presence in Europe, their influence upon society, culture, and art—and race.

This is a riveting read from beginning to end, and is vital for anyone seeking a real understanding of the Hitler phenomena.


Jews are a Race, Not a Religion

Jews Cannot Infiltrate Asia by Pretending to be Asians

Jewish Emancipation led to Jewish Domination

Jews Promote Racial Nationalism for Themselves Only

Jewish Materialism Dominates Society

Jewish Capitalism

The Leftist Parties Cannot Fight Jewish Bolshevism

The Conservative Parties Cannot Fight Jewish Bolshevism

Christian Parties Cannot Fight Jewish Bolshevism

Only the National Socialists can Fight Jewish Bolshevism

Jews Hide Themselves in England

Jews Control all the Main Parties in a Democracy

Jewish Bolshevism versus Aryan Socialism

Jews behind Capitalism and Communism

Jewish and Aryan Attitudes towards Work

Jews Have Never Created Anything, Only Used That Created by Others

Jewish Agitation for War against Germany, 1914

Jews and Freemasonry

Russia and Germany Targeted by Jewish Revolutionaries

Class Warfare as a Tactic of Jewish Bolshevism

Zionist Aim in Building a Jewish State in Palestine

Jewish Trade Boycott of Germany

Jewish Communists Stole the Hammer and Sickle from the Workers

Feminism is a Jewish Construct Designed to Disrupt the Family

Jewish Control of the Soviet Union

Jews Behind Communism in Germany, Hungary, and Spain

Jews Surround Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Jews Responsible for Inciting War 1939

Jewish Bolshevist Aims for Europe

Continued Jewish Democracy in West will Lead to Bolshevism

Victory of Soviet Union in War will Lead to Jewish Bolshevist Destruction of England

Jews Planned Destruction of Germany Prior to 1933

No Matter the Outcome of the War, Anti-Semitism will Spread

Jews are the Puppet Masters Behind Democracies of the West and Soviet Dictatorship

International Jewry Seeks the Extermination of Germany

Jews Hide Behind Mask of Religion

Fictitious Conflict between Zionists and Jewish Anti-Zionists

Jews Behind all Moral Degeneracy

Jews Control the “Mainstream Press”

Jews Behind Sex Trafficking Industry

Jews Control the Press

Arguing with Jews is Pointless

Jewish Bolshevist Teachings Repudiate Nature

Unlike Catholics and Protestants, Rabbis Put Jewish Interests First

“Rational” Anti-Semitism versus “Irrational” Anti-Semitism

Jews are a State within the State; Always Oppose Non-Jewish Statehood

Jews Control Business Sector in Germany

Jews Behind all Major Financial Swindles

Jewish-controlled Media Use Diversionary Tricks to Fool Public

The Jew Karl Marx and his Ideology

Jews Always use the Big Lie Technique

“Left Wing” and “Right Wing” Press Controlled by Jews

Jews Promote the Lie that Man can Overcome Nature

Jewish Instinct for Self-Preservation Contrasted with that of the Aryan

Jewish Intellectual Abilities Formed by Experience

Jews Lack Idealistic Spirit, Only Bound by Instinct of  Self-Preservation

The Jewish “State” is Always International

No Jewish Culture of their Own

Jewish Self-expansion is a Parasitic Phenomenon

Cleverest Jews are the Most Deceptive

Jewish Behavior Explained by Nature

Jewish Conception of Religion versus Aryan Conception of Religion

How Jews Infiltrate a Society

True Socialism Perverted by Jewish Ideology

Jewish Intelligence always behind Marxist Movements

Jews Will Attack All Nationalists, Even if they Don’t Mention Jews

Zionist Aim in Building a Jewish State in Palestine

Jewish “How To” Guide to Subverting a Nation

Like Parasites, Jews Will Die When their Victims Die

Lack of Understanding of Jewish Question, Race,  Single Greatest Cause of a Nation’s Collapse

Jewish Newspapers and Media are Always Lying

Jews Only Elevate Scoundrels to Hero Status

Racial Equality is a Basic Platform of Jewish Marxism

Jews Posing as Germans Emigrating to America

Jewish Tactic to Promote Masses, Never the Individual

Jews Control all the “Main Stream” Parties and Dominate All Sides of the Political Debate

Only Violence can Counteract Jewish Terrorism

Jews Ran the 1918 Communist Revolutions in Germany

Jews Laugh While Christians Squabble with Each Other

Aryan Communists are Dupes of the Jews

Jews Always Agitating against Germany

Jews Will Use European Nationalism to Attack Germany

Jews Will Ultimately Lose Control of the USSR

Jews Will Only be Defeated by Force

Jewish Manipulation of Public Opinion

Only the Jews Wanted War

145 pages. Softcover.