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By Mike Walsh

Character assassination inevitably follows a defeat in war. Had peace terms with National Socialist Germany been equitable, it is likely that non-German figures since denigrated would be more accurately portrayed by modern media. Had Hitler’s Germany defeated the collaborating forces of the British, Soviet and American empires, then one can presume London’s Whitehall would be Adolf Hitler Esplanade whilst Hyde Park would have been renamed Lawrence of Arabia Park. Norway’s monuments would celebrate Vidkun Quisling and the revered writer Knut Hamsun. Romania would pay tribute to Corneliu Codreanu whilst in Dublin, Ireland, Britain and New York, instead of statues to Lenin, the name of Irish-American William Joyce might be affixed to great shopping malls. Few people hate these figures as they simply do not know them. What they do hate are mythical figures that victors’ propaganda makes them out to be. Heroes Hang when Traitors Triumph gives a different perspective of former much-vilified foes. Its author, Michael Walsh, reminds us that victors’ propaganda turns saints into sinners. Here are the spin-free true stories of men who set examples of great courage and fortitude for the best reasons yet since had their reputations defiled by fake history.

Softcover, 115 pages