French Gestapo Trials and Other Articles



By Vincent Reynouard • Translated by Carlos Whitlock Porter

A few years ago, Vincent Reynouard—currently residing at an unknown location to avoid imprisonment for his scholarly historical writings—had a brainstorm. He took the trouble to compare the accusations made against the Gestapo at Nuremberg by the French with the postwar French trials of the same personnel, involving the same cases, the same victims, the same witnesses.

What he found was that the evidence and accusations were not the same: The accusations made at Nuremberg in these same cases had already been investigated and were already forgotten. This review of the French Gestapo trials offers some of the best proof that the “evidence” presented against the Germans at the Nuremberg trials was completely fabricated.

The articles in this book are scholarly, serious and well-researched and include ones covering:

• Gestapo behavior toward women and young girls
• a summary of Gestapo cases
• legends about the Gestapo
• the truth about Oradour-sur-Glane
• the sea water medical experiments
• the origins of the emaciated corpses and more.

Softcover, 236 pages, #734.