Covert Covid Culprits: An Inquest Chronicle



The years 2020 and 2021 were among the most impactful in human history. Many other researchers have chronicled their extraordinary developments, focused on government agencies, mass media outlets, pharmaceutical companies, intelligence agencies, “think tanks” and the military. None has conducted an honest inquest into specifically “who” as a collective was responsible for the devastation of the alleged pandemic, lockdown measures and vaccine programs inflicted on humanity. They blamed The Powers That Be, the Deep State, Globalists, China, the World Economic Forum, the president, Congress, Big Pharma, and others. In Covert Covid Culprits, Karl Haemers reveals the presence within all these power centers of members of a particular cabal who exercised a remarkable coordination of the pandemic itself as well as the global response. They profited financially, extended their reach of control, and further entrenched their power. Who are these criminals—both hidden and obvious—against humanity who planned, executed, covered up and redirected the greatest hoax, scam, fraud and Satanic op in world history? Once we know who, we will develop effective self-defense. In the end, we must consider a possible resolution of the gravest issue the world has ever faced. Softcover, 275 pages.