Confederate Monuments: Why Every American Should Honor Confederate Soldiers and Their Memorials


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Why is the Left targeting Confederate monuments for removal and destruction? Ignorance, social spite and political expediency! But the liberals’ sinister efforts to eradicate American history do more than just offend the living; they are an insult to the honor and memory of one of the most courageous and patriotic servicemen the world has ever known: the Confederate soldier.

If you are a truth-seeker and want to know why Confederate monuments should be treated as national treasures, you owe it to yourself to read the deeply researched works of world acclaimed Southern historian Colonel Lochlainn Seabrook, starting with his highly topical book, Confederate Monuments: Why Every American Should Honor Confederate Soldiers and Their Memorials.

Conveniently divided into three sections, the first debunks the fake history fabricated by the Left to conceal the facts about Lincoln’s War and turn America against the South. Here we learn about the true history of the conflict, the early tradition of nationwide U.S. support for Confederate soldiers, the unique origins of Southern patriotism, the legal rights of the Confederate dead, and the many stringent preservation laws surrounding their memorials. The second section provides a massive pictorial sampling of the thousands of Confederate monuments that dot the American landscape, arranged alphabetically by state and city. The book ends with fascinating appendices comprising 19th-century speeches, addresses, articles and lists related to the Confederacy and her awe-inspiring granite landmarks.

Throughout this densely illustrated work, the award-winning author sprinkles scores of additional Confederate images from the Victorian Era, along with dozens of poems, quotes, and genuine inscriptions from Confederate statues, all which add further educational value to this already powerful and informative pictorial primer. This is the only book of its kind, and the only one you will ever need to combat the Yankee myths and liberal lies surrounding the phony “controversial” issue of Confederate soldiers and their precious stone memorials.

Colonel Seabrook confidently predicts that thousands of new Confederate monuments will go up in the future–because once the historical truths revealed in this book are more widely known, President McKinley’s charge that all Americans should share in honoring the Confederate dead will be taken seriously, and patriots everywhere will be clamoring to help fund, build and raise as many memorials as possible to our country’s heroic men in gray!

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