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For decades now, two prolific and dauntless publishers of authentic and politically incorrect history have been fighting the same enemies of free speech in our own ways. Wishing each other the best, but for all intents and purposes, relatively indifferent to each other’s existence. No longer. It’s past time for The Barnes Review and Castle Hill Publishers to coordinate efforts and stand shoulder-to-shoulder against our common adversaries.

While Castle Hill Publishers has always focused on high-brow scholarly analysis of World War 2 in particular, The Barnes Review has always been known for its fearless forays into the wildlands of inconvenient and forgotten history, in addition to its rather expansive archive of general research into the forsaken and forgotten areas of the historical record about key historical events spanning the centuries, to even the more weird and bizarre aspects thereof . . . always with the trademark tenacity and critical eye or which Revisionist scholars are known.

Serious students of history need to be unafraid of wherever the search for knowledge may lead them, and we can’t think of a publication MORE deserving of your trust and attention than The Barnes Review if you’re looking to expand your historical studies beyond the realm of World War 2. So do yourself and your library a favor, and subscribe to TBR today!

So sign up today, and take your quest for knowledge about real history to the next level!

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