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By Mike Walsh

ADOLF HITLER says he was dumbfounded as “an enormous human dragon slowly uncoiled itself before me.” The young laborer’s description of a protest march calling for work and bread perhaps inspired Hitler to join the revolt against the oppression of the working class. Whatever challenges Germany faced, the highly decorated war veteran would not blame the Jews, for he had earlier remarked that anti-Semitism was repugnant. There is much that is enigmatic about this individual drawn from the great masses of humanity to become not only as popular as Jesus Christ but more universally admired. No other leader in history has achieved more in uniting social classes across frontiers and inspiring those of various religions and races. So far, an estimated 750,000 book titles have been published on The Third Reich. Hitler’s Mein Kampf is more widely read today than ever before. Yet, few books actually record the rise of the Third Reich in Adolf Hitler’s own words. Drawn from his speeches and media interviews My Last Testament is Hitler’s self-assessment, but it also includespersonal observations about the Fuhrer from many others as well. As such, it is an invaluable first-hand source of information for scholars of the period.

Softcover, 195 pages