Abraham Lincoln Was a Liberal, Jefferson Davis Was a Conservative: The Missing Key to Understanding the American Civil War


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The mainstream version of the American Civil War has always been nonsensical and irrational. Why? Because it was written by liberals with an extreme anti-South bias and little or no knowledge of the history of America’s two-party system.

For example, if the Confederacy’s Democratic leaders were truly “liberals,” as we’ve been taught, why did they maintain that they were fighting for the Constitution, a document that liberals have traditionally treated with scorn and derision? And why, if the Union’s Republican leaders were truly “conservatives,” as we’ve also been taught, did they claim to be fighting to force the Southern states back into the union, a union our conservative Founding Fathers purposefully designed to be voluntary? If Republican Lincoln was a conservative, why were his policies and actions liberalistic, and at times even socialistic? If Democrat Davis was a liberal, why were his policies and actions conservative, usually veering far to the right on the political spectrum?

Even more puzzling, considering the statements of mainstream historians, why did Victorian Democrats refer to themselves as “conservatives,” while Victorian Republicans referred to themselves as “liberals”? Is it any wonder that the commonly accepted version of the Civil War is confusing and difficult for the average person to comprehend?

It is confusing no longer! In this fascinating, one-of-a-kind book, Abraham Lincoln Was a Liberal, Jefferson Davis Was a Conservative, award-winning Civil War scholar and unreconstructed Southern historian Col. Lochlainn Seabrook answers these and scores of other related questions in clear and concise language.

As Seabrook explains, in the 1860s, the platforms of the two main political parties were the reverse of what they are today. In other words, at the time, big-government advocate Lincoln and the Republican Party were liberals, while small-government proponent Davis and the Democratic Party were conservatives. This simple fact transforms the American Civil War from what pro-North writers disingenuously assert was a battle over abolition and slavery, to what it really was: a massive and bloody contest between Northern liberalism and Southern conservatism!

The author provides over 600 notes, a 1,000-book bibliography and hundreds of contemporary eyewitness statements to further establish what was well-known up until the early 20th century, but which since then has been suppressed by liberals and forgotten by conservatives. Profusely illustrated with hundreds of 19th-century photographs and campaign posters, Colonel Seabrook’s book covers the entire history of America’s two-party system, as well as all 58 of our quadrennial elections and all 45 of our presidents, from George Washington to Donald Trump. He gives special attention to the U.S. elections between 1828 and 1896, when party names and platforms changed, making, as he does so well, an exceedingly complex subject entirely understandable to most people. His four appendices supply helpful lists and charts, allowing the reader to view the theme from different angles.

Find out why modern Republicans should be honoring Davis and waving the Confederate flag, and why Lincoln’s name should never be associated with conservativism, only liberalism and socialism. The companion volume to Colonel Seabrook’s work Lincoln’s War: The Real Cause, the Real Winner, the Real Loser (see below), this is the only book ever written on this specific topic.

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