2020 TBR Revisionist Book and Video Catalog

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The new, full-color 2020 Barnes Review Revisionist Book and Video Catalog offering our entire extensive selection of books and videos—nearly 50 pages of products!—is now available here in PDF format. Many titles have been retrieved from the politically correct dustbin of history, including several brought back to life by Barnes Review Publishing and available from TBR ONLY. Open the new catalog PDF by clicking on the cover image below, then “save as” to your computer, or scroll through the PDF online.

Once you’ve made your selections, products can be ordered three ways:

  • online at (enter the title you’d like to buy in the search bar, then add to cart);
  • by phone: 1-202-547-5586 or toll free 877-773-9077, Monday thru Thursday 9-5 ET; or
  • by mail: complete the handy order form on the last page of the catalog and mail it with check or money order to TBR Magazine and Bookstore, P.O. Box 550, White Plains, MD 20695.


Remember: 10% off retail price of all products for TBR subscribers! Calculate discount on product prices before adding S&H to your check or money order, or tell us you’re a subscriber when you call to place your order and we’ll calculate your total.

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2020 TBR Catalog of Books and Videos