Poor Boy’s Horology Podcast, July 2021, Conversation with a Subscriber



The host talks with subscriber JCook about the seven reasons why he does not like smart watches.

Jeff also reviews the Breitling SuperOcean including both its rubber and mesh bracelets.

Jeff’s father recently handed down to him a 1953 Rolex bubbleback that had previously belonged to his grandfather. passing watches down from generation to generation is a beautiful thing. But the lifespan of a smartwatch is so short that they will not be passed down – that becomes an 8th reason not to buy a smart watch.

And the show ends with host and guest talking about how they have reached saturation point in their watch collections but would make room for a Breitling Emergency watch.

Also shown on the show is a 1970’s swiss-made mechanical / winding wristwatch tribute to the TV show Welcome Back Kotter. The seven-jewel watch can still be purchased on eBay and features John Travolta’s face on the dial.


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