Chinese watches get a bad wrap. A lot of collectors just assume that they are all junk. Yet many of these same critics of Chinese watches have some, or even several Chinese made watches in their collections and do not even realize it.

Timex, Stauer, Sturhling, Pagani, Ticino, Michael Kors, Invicta, and numerous other watchmakers and boutique brands are contracting Chinese factories for their assembly. Some of these watches have Japanese or Swiss movements but are assembled in China. Others are assembled in China with Chinese movements.

While quality-control standards in Chinese factories is all over the map, which is why some Chinese watches are absolute junk, the simple truth is that for every junk watch there is a Chinese factory producing a high-quality timepiece.

In this video, the host discusses Chinese-made watch movements and gives 5 reasons why he collects Chinese watches. These are the same 5 reasons why you should consider doing so as well.

There are some very affordable treasures to be ordered directly from Chinese factories. The host tells you where to find the treasures, how to avoid the junk, and how to protect yourself during the purchase. Which Chinese vendors have good customer service, etc.

Included in this show is the November 2019 unboxing of a Chinese watch and a review of the same watch a little over 60 days later.

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