Poor Boy’s Horology Podcast, April 2020 – Watches to Wear to the Apocalypse

Is the pandemic ushering in the apocalypse? Our host does not think so. But it has gotten him to thinking about what watches he might want to be wearing when the apocalypse does come.

His ultimate watch of choice was the Casio G-shock Range Man which is briefly reviewed on this month’s podcast.

Another watch which the host would consider is the Orient Defender. Mid-way through the show the host shares video from his recent unboxing of a new Orient Defender and talks about why he loves the watch.

And a little outside of Horology, the host received two lego sets in his Easter basket, both of which he assembles on this month’s show. The first being a Jesus Turning Water Into Wine set and the other a Moses and the Ten Commandments set.

Author JDR Hawkins, who is also lead singer in The Julie Hawkins Band, makes a brief appearance on the show.

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