On the Mark with Mark Anderson – A Discussion of William “Bible Bill” Aberhart


American Free Press Roving Editor Mark Anderson interviews “Douglas Social Credit” monetary reform expert Wallace Klinck of Alberta, Canada, who discusses the life, times and mysterious death of William “Bible Bill” Aberhart, the first-ever premier in Alberta representing the new Social Credit Party. Aberhart battled from 1935 until his sudden death in 1943 against the entrenched private banking cartel that, then as now, internally wars against all peoples while misdirecting them into believing that certain other countries are their sworn “enemies.” Klinck, whose father, Raymond, was a pupil of Aberhart (a preacher, teacher and school administrator by trade), has studied deeply and promoted the “social credit” monetary reform championed by Aberhart. Klinck, in the spirit of Aberhart, considers social credit to be the single greatest threat to the banking octopus that runs the world.

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