New TBR Podcast: Trump’s Campaign and Elite-Financed Hate – What Does the Law Say?


Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson investigates the terrorist campaign designed to intimidate Trump supporters and prevent them from attending his rallies. These enemies of free speech are breaking all sorts of laws with their behaviour, but because they are funded by big business and corporate interests they appear to be avoiding prosecution. There have been so many violations of voter intimidation laws that the 2016 presidential candidacy election could potentially be declared null and void.

There have been thousands of death threats, rallies cancelled due to organized mobs of degenerates attacking those trying to attend and even full scale riots in some instances. Trump has had to cut short his speeches and even had a genuine assassination attempt occur recently. If these ‘protesters’ were not backed by big money, then they would have been stopped by the police by now.

The media has also been covering up these crimes, either not reporting them or trying to place the blame on the candidate himself for using his right to free speech. They have even published speculative stories about his supporters issuing threats to other Republican candidates, in an attempt to excuse this obviously unlawful behaviour.

Dr Johnson looks at some of these instances and finds that in many cases, the terrorists have been backed by financiers like George Soros, which explains why the law is not being applied to them and why the media has been excusing them. He also digs up an instance where the same thing happened back in 1967, yet because it was a civil rights march that was being disrupted, those responsible were given severe penalties.

If you ever wondered why it was that big capitalist entities were financing organised Leftist thugs, then this is the podcast for you.

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