Matthew Raphael Johnson “Deposed” from the Orthodox Metropolia

Dr. Johnson addresses a nationalist conference in Harrisburg, PA in 2015.
Dr. Johnson addresses a nationalist conference in Harrisburg, PA in 2015.

Sven Longshanks is joined by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson to talk about the recent outcome of the spiritual trial that was convened against him by his former synod. The Church hierarchy had accused him of not showing enough respect to obscure heresies that were not even accepted by the general Church at the time, as a thin excuse to persecute him for his political views.

Dr Johnson begins by explaining the charges that were leveled against him and why they are completely meaningless. How can a church that is structured and named after ethnic specifics then claim that honoring those ethnic boundaries is wrong? He was also accused of having “worldly cares,” because he involves himself in campaigning for social justice for White people. The essence of Christianity is caring for your own flock though, so how can doing this be considered ‘worldly’? This, it might be noted, is precisely the grounds for the Soviet church’s deposition of Patriarch St. Tikhon in 1925.

The real reason why his former synod were doing this to him is because Dr Johnson does not care for political correctness if it prevents the truth from being spoken. The Orthodox Church was supportive of National Socialism during the war and saw Hitler as a valuable ally against atheistic Communism. This is not a popular thing to say in countries that are run by the same banking system that bankrolled Communism and the Western Church would rather we did not know this.

Dr Johnson has already been asked to join another synod and his previous one was unable to find any heresy in his actual teaching. It should be noted that he was not anathematized nor excommunicated, just removed as a clergyman from the small Orthodox Metropolia of Western Europe and the Americas. The question has to be asked whether an outside group was putting pressure on his former colleagues to denounce him, due to his association with Matthew Heimbach and the Traditionalist Worker Party.