Matthew Raphael Johnson Back with TBR

Matthew Raphael Johnson has returned to The Barnes Review as its Senior Researcher. He was the editor of TBR from 2000 to 2005 when he left to take a job as professor of history at Mount Saint Mary’s University. He always remained close to The Barnes Review and regularly published there even while working elsewhere. “Its a one of a kind publication that deserves the support of all rational people, few in number though they are. John Tiffany, Paul Angel and others have made that journal into an strong island of sanity in the midst of an official swamp of lies and mythology. In American universities as in journalism, it is conformity and mediocrity that get you promoted. Those with great ability are a threat.”




Always focused on Russian history and politics, recent events in the east has made an expert view on the matter essential. “The rise of the new states in eastern Ukraine is one of the most significant events since the fall of the USSR. Their constitutions explicitly mention their war against the NWO and their hatred of usury. These are explicitly National Socialist governments and they all take their force from the nationalist policies of Vladimir Putin. There are increasingly strong reasons to be optimistic about our future.

Johnson was the first to write on Putin’s role as the primary fighter against the New World Order. While most of the right was calling Putin a “KGB dictator” Johnson, alone, was arguing that Russia has the potential to unify a substantial coalition against the world’s financial oligarchy. He slowly converted the late Willlis Carto and Michael to his views. The result was the publication of his book, Russian Populist: The Political Thought of Vladimir Putin and a strong interest in Putin from both TBR and AFP.

“I’m gratified that my predictions on Putin have come true, but no one could have predicted his intervention into Syria. That came like a bolt out of the blue and exposed the US as the creators and financiers of “ISIS” and kindred groups. He outplayed the west in an extraordinary way. The big difference between Putin and western politicians is that he’s come from the security services. He is not beholden to economic power. He is more free than western politicians.”

“I’m dedicated to carrying on the legacy of Willis Carto and working closely with Paul Angel and Chris Petherick, two men I greatly respect,” he said. Johnson’s website is and his podcasts dealing with the above and other topics can be found at