Europe at the Crossroads

By Michael Walsh. Under the baleful influence of Wall Street and Washington Europe once again stands at the crossroads of history. A recurring theme, our small continent has faced an uncertain future several times during the last 100 years.

In 1917 an American-backed coup d’état delivered Imperial Russia to the West’s corporate and banking elites. Never mind what you are told; follow instead the trail of the Tsar’s disappearing gold and fate of 184 million Russians through the Wall Street financed Gulag Archipelago.

There was no more a Russian revolution than there was a Libyan, Iraq or Syrian revolution. What happened to Imperial Russia and defeated Germany in 1918 was an American inspired regime change. Germany, narrowly escaped Russia’s fate.

In 1918, the Great War, described by Field-Marshal Allenby as “a lengthy period of general insanity,” drew to a close. So did the lives and limbs of 41 million martyrs to political vanities.

The ‘Bore War’ of 1939 escalated into World War in June 1940 when Germany’s peace proposals were snubbed. This calamity resulted in the martyrdom of at least 50 million mostly European peoples.

Never mind what we are told by the victors; at Yalta in February 1945, the war to ‘defend our freedoms’ delivered 22 nations to Joe Stalin’s tyrannical USSR. These nations occupation was to drag on for a further 45 years. Ironically, one of these nations betrayed by Winston Churchill and U.S President Franklin D. Roosevelt was Poland whose aggression against their German neighbour had ignited World War II.

In 1949 the guilty parties suggested that we join hands under the protective umbrella of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). Since then, an estimated 35 million people have been martyred to NATO ambitions.

The USSR, which had previously drooled over the Soviet Union as allies, in 1955 formed their rival Warsaw Pact. Governed from Moscow both the Warsaw Pact and the Eastern Bloc collapsed in 1990. Today, the European Union’s governing, banking, media, foreign policy and defence requirements are governed by Wall Street, Washington DC and the Pentagon’s talking heads.

In 2010 I predicted that the EU would follow the Soviet Bloc into the dustbin of history. My words are today echoed by many of the political elite. I was ridiculed for predicting the end of American omnipotence, but they’re not laughing now.

Perhaps on this occasion we Europeans can get it right. Might I suggest we follow pragmatic examples set by China, Belarus, India, Iran, Syria, and the pivoting Middle East? For safety in numbers we welcome realpolitik by becoming a peaceful trading partner rather than belligerent rivals to these other nations.

By a single revolution in thought we remove the shadow of war, divert arms and munitions expenditure to social needs, and look forward to a mutually beneficial trading partnership with a trading bloc that we cannot hope to rival anyway.

This is the one outcome that keeps Wall Street, Washington DC the Pentagon and U.S. arms conglomerates sleepless nights. Such a bloc would put the final nail in the coffin of American dollar imperialism. You decide; do you want to be a living European or a dead American.

Mike Walsh is an international journalist, broadcaster and respected historian. His website can be found here.

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