TBR Radio’s Dixie Heritage Hour Sept. 13, 2019 – Paul Angel, Barnes Review

TBR Radio's Dixie Heritage Hour

Barnes Review Sept-Oct 2019 issueDr. Ed calls TBR’s executive editor Paul Angel to talk about the super-sized Sept/Oct 2019 25th Anniversary issue of The Barnes Review magazine.

Much of the hour is spent discussing Paul’s editorial on the “alternate reality” that the mainstream media is attempting to create. This alternate reality is what makes truth- and reality-based publications like TBR so important in our politically over-correct, Orwellian-speaking, thought-controlled world.

Also discussed are articles on the German underground resistance during the end of WWII, an article by Dr. Matthew Raphael Johnson outlining Hitler’s thoughts on Christianity, and an article by Pat Shannan detailing Hitler’s thoughts on the United States.

Paul and Ed finish the conversation in next week’s interview when they spend more time going article to article, so you’ll want to tune in both this week and next.

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