Alexander The Great—Reclaiming the True Legacy of a Cultural Icon

By Peter Papaherakles. Westerners, Including Americans, have come to believe that our ancestors and cultural forebears were effeminate, egalitarian, multiculturalist liberals. Instead of watching Oliver Stone’s Hollywood propaganda or reading glossy disinformation books, we should be reading the great, untainted history books our forefathers used to read when our nation was still strong, with men educated on the classicsHead of

Don’t allow Hollywood to tarnish our idols by portraying them as degenerates and psychopaths. If you want to find out who Alexander the Great really was, there have been authentic history accounts of him written in antiquity, such as the works of Plutarch, readily available in modern English translation. [Read the entire article as PDF…]

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The Barnes Review, January-February 2011: Alexander the Great


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