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New Edition of Anthropological Classic: Race, by J.R. Baker

A landmark book by Oxford University professor John Baker on human races and civilizations is finally back in stock with a third edition, updated with world DNA map. It maps out the biological differences between different races, describes species and races (subspecies), hybrids, and defines criteria permitting to group them as more or less primitive or advanced. A powerful rejection of Boasian relativism…

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The Races of Europe

This 1939 book was a landmark anthropological study of European racial types. Although some of its conclusions have since been eclipsed by DNA studies, this work remains a standard in racial typology. In it Harvard professor of anthropology Carleton S. Coon concluded: The white race is of dual origin consisting of Upper Paleolithic (mixture of sapiens and neanderthals) types and Mediterranean (purely sapiens) types…

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