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A Revisionist Videomaker’s Confessions

Revisionists have been struggling for decades to get their messages out. Heavily footnoted, university-style books may be necessary, but they cannot reach the masses. But a picture tells a thousand words, and moving pictures rule today’s world. In this interview, Dean Irebodd, the most prolific revisionist videomaker, tells us about his work, his hopes and his problems…

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Auschwitz: The Surprising Hidden Truth

Auschwitz—where the Germans killed the Jews. But when you look at the details of what is claimed about Auschwitz and what was physically possible, strange, even incredible discrepancies turn up. This video documentary, which has been peer-reviewed by the worldwide leading Holocaust experts, describes some of the most glaring facts which don’t jibe with the usual narrative. View it online or download it; and then, send it to friends and relatives! It is free!

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