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2013: TBR’s 20th Year in Business

The November/December issue of our bi-monthly magazine The Barnes Review, “A Look Back at the War of 1812,” has just gone into the mail. You can look at its Cover and Table of Contents online. We have also posted its lead article “A Look Back at the War of 1812″ by Harrell Rhome, Ph.D., and below you can find Paul Angel’s editorial.

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The Barnes Review, November/December 2012

2013: TBR’s 20th Year in Business

With the printing of our next issue—the January/February 2013 issue—we will proudly begin our 20th year of publishing TBR. Few people gave us a chance to succeed when we launched TBR back in October 1994, but much to the delight of our readers and the consternation of our detractors, TBR shows no sign of dying anytime soon. And for this, honestly, we have to thank our loyal core of readers who continue to renew subscriptions and purchase our politically incorrect books and videos. To you all we issue this heartfelt “thanks,” and promise to continue to bring you the very best, most professionally produced and most politically incorrect magazine in America today. TBR publisher Willis A. Carto has personally authorized a little Christmas gift for you in this issue: 16 extra pages of Revisionist history!

Please Check Out Our Christmas ‘Wrapper’

On pages A-1 and A-2 of the “wrapper” covering this issue of TBR you’ll find a list of the simple things you can do to help TBR and, at the same time, spread the truth about our past in ways that will benefit you, your family and your friends. Use the form mentioned above to purchase TBR gift subscriptions for friends at just $32 each—the same price TBR charged way back in 1998. If you purchase a gift subscription for a friend, we’ll send you one of three great books FREE as a special present (see page A-4). Plus, those who buy a gift subscription can also renew their own subscription at the low $32 rate!

Please also browse the TBR Book Club Book & Video Catalog enclosed with this issue. Inside you will findmany fascinating Revisionist items being offered to our readers, some for the very first time. You can also shop quickly and easily at our online store found at www.barnesreview.com.

And for those of you who are finding it hard to come up with the subscription price of TBR in one chunk, we still offer automated monthly credit card billing. You can split your $46 yearly subscription into 12 affordable payments. For more on this program, see item number 2 on page A-4 of the “wrapper.”

Thanks again for your unwavering support. We absolutely could not do it without you. Here’s my personal Christmas wish this year (and I do think it is possible): Please, America, move toward peace and away from more war and destruction.

Paul T. Angel, Managing Editor

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