The Racial Makeup of the Original Egyptians

By John Tiffany. The “afrocentric” view of the history of Egypt matched against the facts is not only interesting to all historical Revisionists but vividly displays a lesson to present-day Americans. Are we following the same path that Egypt has chosen?


Egypt is vitally important to anyone who really wants to understand the workings of history. This is a country whose saga is so long and so varied that it provides, in effect, an excellent laboratory for the science of history. Any general theory of history that holds true for 5,000 or more years of Egypt’s existence must hold true for the world at large. That is why the “afrocentric” view of Egyptian history is so alarming. [Read the entire article as PDF…]

Taken from
The Barnes Review, January/February 2004: The Racial Makeup of the Original Egyptians