The Gunpowder Plot: 17th-Century False Flag?

By John Tiffany. Today, the image of Guido “Guy” Faukes is as well-known as any 17th-century figure, with masks of his likeness being worn by people across the globe who are even now gathering together to protest outside of symbols and edifices of financial and political power. But why has Faukes become possibly the most recognizable metaphor for resistance to tyranny?


Were he and his Catholic mates really planning to blow up the British Parliament with tons of gunpowder— or is there a hidden side to this celebrated story? According to TBR assistant editor John Tiffany, the Gunpowder Plot may be a perfect example of an early false-flag operation, designed by the powers that were (and still are) to frame an enemy and stoke the fires of perpetual war. [Read the entire article as PDF…]

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The Barnes Review, March/April 2014: The Gunpowder Plot: 17th-Century False Flag?


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