May/June 2016 Issue: Pat Shannan – Sherman’s Plunder: How Union Looters Got Rich Off The War And Was “Uncle Billy” Insane?


In today’s show originally broadcast on June 20 2016, TBR Radio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews Pat Shannan who pulls no punches on issues of American history. Incidentally, “Sherman was a devil,” was a comment about Gen. Sherman in respect of the American Civil War. This and many other topics, especially in southern history, are discussed on this show, all of which are worth a listen. Sherman was demonic indeed: his march through the American South was a slaughter of innocents and the destruction, in all senses of that term, of southern life.

Where slavery was concerned, we are told, all manner of slaughter is justified in the fight against it. The violence against innocents were so vile that Shannan wonders if “some southern woman” couldn’t have figured out a way “to blow his head off” in defense of her nation as the men were away.

That’s not a bad question.

Pat’s making reference to the Savannah Campaign of Gen. William T. Sherman, occasionally known as “The March to the Sea.” This took much of the fall of 1864 and was visited upon a Confederacy clearly defeated.

It is common to hear that Grant believed the war would only be decisively won if the Union would defeat the CSA if and only if the “Confederacy’s strategic, economic, and psychological capacity for warfare were decisively broken” as David Eicher says in his The Longest Night: A Military History of the Civil War.

This is another way of justifying the total destruction of the south. While the technology of the day did not make total slaughter as easy as it might be in 2016, but this was from no lack of effort. Shannan makes it clear, however, that Sherman was more than just an amoral freak with some power, rather, he was mentally unbalanced, moody and possessed of a strong sense of his own inferiority. While not entirely new, this concern is put in a very different way: Sherman’s March was one of slaughter not merely out of strategic concerns, but also because it was a form of medicating Sherman’s own illness.

The constant that goes through all of these sort of stories is that, when the “politically incorrect” enemy is at issue, there is no crime vicious enough to commit in its destruction. Since Jewish lives were at stake, so we are told, the deliberately slaughter of German civilians in the bombing campaigns of 1943 and 1944 were fully justified. However, when the communists in Vietnam were the enemies, the slightest deviation from the Geneva Conventions was met with riots and self-righteous pontification.

This is part of the reason The Barnes Review exists, to bring up and question these absurd and genocidal assumptions of the regime. Pat Shannan and many others writing for us are very clear that the regime, the globalists and capitalists, do not see life as sacred, just lives of use to them.

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