David Meade: The Coup D’Etat Against President Donald J. Trump

In today’s show originally broadcast on April 11 2017, TBR Radio’s Andrew Carrington Hitchcock interviews David Meade, author of the book, “The Coup D’Etat Against President Donald J. Trump,” which is a companion book to his book, “Planet X – The 2017 Arrival.”

I have read and reviewed this book in its entirety, and on that basis I produced the show and asked David the following questions: What are your thoughts on Edward Snowden; What sort of destruction would an EMP attack cause, and what nations do you think would launch such an attack against the USA and why; What is the Joint Threat Research Intelligence Group, and what is their purpose; Do you believe Hitler committed suicide or went on to live elsewhere; You state, “We are on the verge of the greatest depression in history,” what is your evidence for this and will it be simply in the U.S. or on a global scale; What should the listeners do to protect themselves against the forthcoming global depression; I have recently heard a number of alternative media presenters suggest that Donald Trump has been told that the real situation is he does what the Deep State says, and if not he will be gone JFK style. I think that is quite possible as we only need to look at his attempts to block immigration from certain countries and his replacement for Obamacare being thwarted, what are your thoughts on that statement; Finally, playing Devil’s Advocate here, some of the listeners may question why you wrote this book, when in your previous book, “Planet X – The 2017 Arrival,” you basically stated we are headed for a cataclysmic event that could send us back to the stone age. On that basis, what are your motivations for writing this book – will the impact of Planet X not be worldwide?

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